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Umbrella Payroll on a human scale

SPTS is a young and dynamic company incorporated under Swiss law and established in Geneva since February 2018.

Our team is made up of experts in a variety of fields, such as employment law and Swiss tax services, among others. We are passionate about creating a dynamic work environment that respects diversity and fosters personal fulfilment.

Each client is assigned a dedicated team so that we can get to know you, help you grow and make your projects a success.

“Committed to a personal approach, we tailor our services to your needs”
Certified compliance

Swiss Certified Compliance made accessible

Whether you are an individual contractor, a company,  an  organsiation, compliance with all relevant legal and financial norms is key to your success.

SPTS Portage holds the Swiss LSE certificate which gives us the legal authorisation to practice payroll management, lease of services and act as an Employer of Record on the entire Swiss territory.

The Federal Employment Service and Hiring Act (LSE) regulates private employment placement and service leasing. In order to protect jobseekers and leased personnel, the Swiss authorities grant LSE certificates to companies that comply with strict conditions and subject them to regular federal supervision and monitoring.

Choosing a duly certified company like SPTS Portage is ensuring the highest level of compliance.

On top of that, we offer further legal guarantees and certifications : 

Our guarantees

Strength lies in solid partnerships

By choosing to work with SPTS Portage, you are choosing a strong and reliable partner for your projects. 

We give you access to our network of recognised insurance specialists and experts, including: 

  • Swiss Romande Entreprise Federation (FER CIAM).
  • Tellco pk occupational pension (LPP)
  • The Swiss National Accident Insurance Fund (Suva) is an important part of Switzerland’s social security system. As an independent company under public law, Suva provides work and leisure insurance.
  • An established Swiss insurance partner : Groupe Mutuel

We rely on top-notch certified tools We only use business management software for Swiss SMEs that are certified Swissdec.

Our core values

A value-driven company

Our work is driven by a set of shared core values and beliefs, including proximity, diligence, accountability and conscientiousness.

What makes us unique is that we value our proximity to our customers. With SPTS Portage, you will always be treated with personal attention and consideration.

We pride ourselves on offering personalised and high quality advice and services to our clients.  

We set high standards of care and ensure that our clients interests always come first. We hold ourselves accountable and ensure that our checks and balances are properly implemented, with all our actions fully documented and accounted for.

We work with expertise and diligence. To help you succeed in a complex commercial and legal environment, we work with both in-house and third-party experts, including lawyers, accountants, bankers, investment managers and immigration consultants.

Accomplish much more with SPTS Portage

A growth oriented mindset

As a “one stop shop”, all of our clients can find tailor-made solutions to meet their evolving needs.

Who better to guide and support you as you grow and expand your business than your steadfast partner from the beginning of your journey?

Helping individual contractors start their own limited companies

As our mission is to support you in your career development, we can help you move from Umbrella Payroll to setting up your own limited company, should you choose to do so.

SPTS – Umbrella Payroll will support you throughout your new career journey in becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Helping companies and organisations set up local branches in Switzerland

Once you have completed a successful project in Switzerland with us, we can support you in setting up a Swiss branch for your company or organisation.

Likewise, we can also assist foreign companies and organisations wishing to immediately set up a Swiss local branch.

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As every situation is unique, SPTS is committed to working with you to come up with a customised solution that meets all your specific needs.

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